So happy to have found someone special on MM!

So happy to have found someone special on MM!

Absolute garbage, no active members, no private photos without a public photo, an absolute waste of money and time.The few responses were very low grade losers hoping to snag a better como encontrar a mulher certa para se casar life.Appalling site.

Very disappointed

Very disappointed. Unable to ‘read messages unless you are a subscriber’ unable to send a message unless you are a subscriber

It would have been better to make this clear at the start instead of my wasted time to fill out a profile

Disappointed and concerned

Disappointed and concerned. Takes a lot of courage to join dating site, and you would like to think they have your back. Not this site. Man messaged me and persisted to even though it was early days, basically 3 days. I even made him aware I would be busy for few days and apologised in advance for this. No he messages very next day asking why not replied. Very intense.

I decided to “end” communications with him quite clear this man had “controlling” instinct. I did it politely and did not expect the nasty message back. Reported to Muddy Matches Customer services. Lire la suite