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Speaking out on the stigma of mental health

Compounding matters are insurance costs, he adds, noting that people who deal with these issues are more likely to under-report their conditions out of fear of costs and rising rates. Which is not to say that people aren’t suffering or discriminated against due to societal beliefs. But we’re more aware that that’s a form of suffering that we can eventually have control over. Things like schizophrenia and substance abuse threaten the ideals of capitalist society, that we should always be in control and masters of ourselves.

  1. Thus, the revelation of a stigmatised identity from the celebrity with whom a parasocial bond already exists has a greater potential to reduce stigma than an encounter with someone new who reveals the same stigmatised identity [61].
  2. There’s been a real increase in the number of people who want to become psychiatrists and clinical psychologists.
  3. In this case, it appears that economic factors may play a role in access to treatment.
  4. When we give someone the label of being mentally ill without clinical evidence, we hurt people who live with mental illness on a daily basis.

The second theme that the participants identified was an opportunity for members of the general public to have social contact with a PWLE. They believed that many members of the public had never had personal interactions with a person with mental illness and formed attitudes towards people with mental health conditions based on stereotypes. In line with Allport’s [54] intergroup contact genetics and alcoholism pmc strategy, they proposed that personal contact with individuals with mental health conditions would reduce prejudice towards them. Purely naturalistic contact in everyday settings, however, does not reduce stigma [55], as high rates of stigma persist amongst mental health service staff who are in contact with individuals with mental health conditions on a daily basis [56].


With a growing number of people experiencing a decline in their mental health, society is becoming better equipped to respond to our needs. Employee assistance programs, counseling services and stress management workshops can be essential mental health resources for employees. Therefore, you must ensure that every employee can access them or other relevant benefits. Promoting the use of paid time off and integrating mental health days into those policies are practical measures for supporting employees’ mental and emotional well-being.

Stigma Definitions & Dimensions

It can prevent people living with mental illness from getting help, fitting into society, and leading happy and comfortable lives. Children and teens with mental health conditions may not know anyone else with a similar diagnosis, which can impact their self-esteem. For teens especially, finding support from an online community may be a helpful way to openly why does alcohol cause bruising speak about their mental health condition. Parents may also benefit from knowing other parents with children who have mental health conditions, as this can allow families to find a sense of community or support. Your local National Alliance on Mental Illness chapter offers peer support groups for parents and individuals with mental health conditions.

A national survey estimates that 11.2% of all U.S. adults report regularly feeling some form of worry, nervousness, or anxiety, while 4.7% report frequently experiencing sadness or symptoms of depression. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), mental illness is among the most common health conditions in the United States. • EY created an employee assistance program, EY Assist, and began offering additional mental health resources following the pandemic. Transcending ethical responsibility, prioritizing mental well-being is a strategic imperative for sustainable organizational success. The consequences of neglecting workplace mental health are profound and far-reaching, affecting job performance, productivity and, ultimately, businesses’ bottom line.

What are examples of mental illness stigma?

This episode of The Verywell Mind Podcast points out the bad mental health advice you may find on social media. For example, in the popular television series Monk, the protagonist is a detective with OCD. The fact that he pays close attention to detail helps him solve crimes and advance his career.

Fifth, although findings for depression are notable, other results may raise concerns. For schizophrenia, there has been a slow shift toward greater belief of dangerousness. Although not statistically significant in either of the time periods, the increase was substantial and relatively large over the entire period (approximately 13%), a finding analyzed in detail elsewhere.31 The results for alcohol dependence are similarly mixed. Although there was an increase in the selection of alcohol dependence as a mental illness with chemical and genetic roots, the problem was also trivialized as ups and downs. Moreover, we observed a return to a moral attribution of bad character in the first period that remain stable into the second period.

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