How long should you date before sex really has no answer

How long should you date before sex really has no answer

As long as it is what you feel comfortable with, wait as long as you like. But if you’re waiting to prove a point, show you’re not easy, or for some other reason that really isn’t you, it can get awkward.

Not just that, but waiting a long time can also put a lot of pressure on the sex to be great.

The first time you have sex with someone new it can be good, but most likely you’re both getting comfortable with each other and figuring things out. [Read: Why you should ditch these false dating myths for a better love life]

So don’t rush into it or do it just to get it over with, but know that waiting can put pressure on you.

We apologize. This probably is not the answer you were looking for when you stumbled upon this feature. But it is the truth. [Read: The common fears we all experience the first time we’re naked with a lover]

See what feels good to you in the moment, in the relationship, and with that person, because that is what matters. Dating for months, years, or hours before having sex is no one’s business but your own and your potential lover’s.

Whatever you decide to do, know that sex is just sex at the end of the day. Lire la suite