Does she have needs that are not being met in the relationship?

Does she have needs that are not being met in the relationship?

3) It is not unreasonable, however, that she might be a little miffed and suspicious that you exchanged phone #s with some other girl (at a party?) without mentioning it to her until that new girl decided to call you.

4) It is not unreasonable to admit that the boundaries between same-sex and and opposite-sex friends (amongst heterosexuals) are different, especially when in a relationship.

5) It is not unreasonable for couples to conclude that making new single friends of the opposite sex while in a relationship is fine, but that certain activities are with those new friends are not — time alone in their apartment, for example.

You need to figure out where you and your gf stand in relation to all these issues, and sort them out. She might be nutso crazy and controlling, but she might just also be thinking WTF is my boyfriend doing giving his number to a girl he met at a party? It’s a different context than eating lunch with a new co-worker, and it’s silly to pretend that this is an all or nothing distinction between total control and total freedom. posted by modernnomad at 6:20 AM on [1 favorite]

You’ve been together for four years, I assume this is a new problem or you wouldn’t be so surprised by it. Lire la suite