The low-down on these two dating apps

The low-down on these two dating apps

So, I have this girl friend of mine who was in a relationship for around 6–7 years who recently went through a messy and tumultuous break up. Plates were thrown. Best friends were kissed. There was a big fight over the Ikea sofa. The usual dreadful stuff.

Tinder is full of a lottttt of people who know the app for what it is – a hook up app

It got pretty bad and I was definitely right in the middle for a while. Luckily, I went overseas and got a little break from the ‘she’s doing/he’s doing’ stories which was a life saver. Now, 6 months later, they’ve both moved on and basically, they’re all good.

I’m back in the country and my hot-as-anything friend, let’s call her Gloria, is now back on the dating scene and ready to rumble. Do I dare say tumble? First week that I was back she told me story after story of tinder matches, dates, 2nd dates etc.

But then… week 2 came around, we were drinking cheap bubbly ’cause I came back to London from overseas with ?20 and she told me she’s off the apps.

“Because every second person on tinder is a creep or stupid or boring. Sick of nothing hook-ups.” Gloria informs me not so gloriously.

The last time Gloria dated was pre-iPhone 5 let alone pre-tinder. Poor thing needed some help, so I did my research and came up with a few solutions:

  1. F*** apps, get retro and find your old Nokia 3315 hit da clubs n bars in East London like in sex in the city. Maybe get a pager? I’ll be your Carrie Bradshaw beb.

2. Single life ain’t so bad. No partner, no mortgage and no kids = trips to Italy for Italian gigolos and pasta. Lire la suite