Red-colored Gobies are the most useful Catch Nano Reef Tanks

Red-colored Gobies are the most useful Catch Nano Reef Tanks

I would like to be at liberty so you can focus on one of the unsung fishy heroes of the nano reefing globe, the brand new simple Yellow Goby. Called the Red Clown Goby otherwise Okinawa Goby, Gobiodon okinawae try a little, vibrant purple goby you to lives in the brand new branches of Acropora into the the newest crazy, however, can make a sturdy, humorous addition so you’re able to short saltwater aquariums within the captivity.


The initial advantage is their color since the they truly are brilliant purple, and everyone desires color. Next is the small size. I lay lots of saltwater fish varieties into the nano tanks, however, many, even clownfish, merely develop too-big or you want more room to help you swim up and down and exercise. In the an inches-and-a-half-long this new purple goby is actually tiny, it is therefore right for tanks as small as ten gallons enough time label, and due to the red coral-associated existence, it will not also need to swim a lot otherwise do it, preferring to blow the days perched on corals or decor. You will find never seen you to definitely diving of an open container often, in lieu of clowns, and I have seen pair, if any, with disease.


Second try the behavior. Lay two on the a beneficial nano reef and they’ll squabble, changes sex, and you may form some. And you may if these are generally on the sea, an aquarium or good nano tank together with your face squashed right up up against the glass, they’re going regarding their casual goby team unaffected, perching, pecking, squabbling, and you can and work out quick forays to grab dining, before back again to perching once again, albeit when you look at the an alternative updates. Lire la suite