You don’t have to put up with being sexualized in this way

You don’t have to put up with being sexualized in this way

I cannot stand moralistic folks who claim to be pious and pure but whose worldviews are seething with lascivious doubts. People who proscribe only the most very proper behavior, not because they themselves are pure, but because they see a glistening erection throbbing behind every pair of pants.

There is nothing right or superior or « just normal » about her views. She’s deeply insecure and you need to take care of her feelings. You sound willing and able to do so. But you came here to ask if her demands were reasonable, and I’m agreeing with everyone who says they absolutely are not. Believe me, you haven’t heard the last of this issue. Soon it will be suspicions about you and some woman you work with. Or suspicions about you and one of her female friends.

Trust is definitely lacking in the relationship, which you probably bear at least some responsibility for. Explore that question and you’ll make progress where it counts. No female friends is just a red herring. posted by scarabic at PM on [1 favorite]

I think this is less a question of the semantics of « should opposite-sex friends be okay in a relationship, » and more an issue of doing the introspection if this female friend is exciting in that New Love way

Before dismissing her as Crazy-Ass-Crazy, take a minute to consider her worries. Lire la suite